Sparx is an Annual Literary Publication of the Society of Women Writers Vic

The Society produces an annual literary publication to showcase members’ writing. Falling in size somewhere between a magazine and an anthology, it aims to allow writers at all stages of their development to experience the rigorous process of submitting work for publication.

Pieces are selected by an editorial panel, and high standards are maintained. Work chosen is edited, in consultation with the writer, to make it as good as possible before publication. Promising pieces which don’t quite meet the standard may be worked on in consultation with an editor to make them fit for re-submission the following year.

Sparx contains an exciting mixture of genres and styles, covering fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

The 2021 edition is now open for submissions. This year’s issue of Sparx will be launched at the October meeting of the Society and is then available for purchase.

Submissions must be accompanied with an entry form and emailed to the Receiving Officer. Click HERE for the entry form. 

However you must be a member of the Society to make a submission to Sparx. Not a member but would like to be? Click HERE to go to the JOIN SWWV page.

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