Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. All membership is subject to approval by the Society.
  2. The membership year is 12 months from the date of signing up and paying your membership fee.
  3. The membership renewal fee is due on the anniversary of each year since joining. A reminder email will be sent out prior to your membership being due.
  4. Members whose membership is unpaid at the anniversary of your joining will be removed from the membership database and further editions of the newsletter and weekly emails will not be sent to non-financial members after this time.
  5. Non-financial members may be reinstated at any time after payment of the annual fee.
  6. Membership fees from July 2023 are:
    1. New member $70.00
    2. Concessional new member $55.00
    3. Full member renewal $60.00
    4. Concessional member renewal $45.00
    5. Student $30.00
  7. Members must provide a Pension or Student number to quality for the Concession/Student membership rate.
  8. All members are required to notify the Membership Secretary of any change of details.
  9. The membership fee includes: access to monthly meetings with varied speakers, presentations and workshops throughout the year; ten issues of the Society’s newsletter each year; weekly emails from the President; access to Book Chat; the opportunity to participate in a writing group (subject to availability) and the opportunity to have work considered for publication in Sparx, the Society’s annual anthology of members’ writing.
  10. From time to time, the Society may run additional events, such as festivals, that will incur an additional charge.
  11. Occasionally, members may be contacted for Society marketing purposes.
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