Wednesday Writers

A monthly online writing group for new members who enjoy responding to writing prompts. Operates similarly to Let’s Write.

Facilitator: Paula Wilson
Contact: Click here

What Do Members Say?

"I really enjoy our Wednesday writing group meetings as the regularity of them forces me to consistently engage with creative writing. The feedback from other members is invaluable as are the thoughtful writing prompts. It has given me a starting point from which to develop stories for competitions and for my own personal satisfaction."

Samantha S.

Wednesday Writers member
“I joined the Wednesday Writers recently and have zoomed in several times now. I was apprehensive at first because I don’t think I write that well when put on the spot and the Wednesday Writers is all about being put on the spot with prompts, photos and a ten-minute time limit. I have been surprised at what I’ve produced and find the comments from the other participants to be encouraging and thoughtful. I’ve expanded on some of the pieces afterwards, taking on board some of the comments. It’s also enjoyable.”

Beverley L.

Wednesday Writers member
“It is both enjoyable and yet challenging at times to my grey matter in terms of my writing. I love this little push for it exercises the many dimensions that help one become more aware of not only as a writer but who we are too.
It is always interesting listening to other ladies writing too and offering a constructive critique as it is receiving it also. Wednesday evenings are a lot of fun so do join up and challenge yourself…it is certainly worth it.”

Michelle R.

Wednesday Writers member
“Prompt sessions weren’t high on my list, but how wrong I was. Since joining this group I am learning to generate ideas in a creative way which I could not have imagined. But that’s just part of what I have gained from this group. There are up to six people on some zoom sessions, so I’ve met other writers from the Society. And that’s not all, when we read our prompts to the group, (which is not compulsory), I get to hear their terrific stories and the feedback given by the group.

Thank you for inviting me into the Wednesday Prompt Group and to the other members of this group who put their trust in each other with our writing."

Breda H.

Wednesday Writers member
“The Wednesday Writers writing prompts are a fabulous stimulus for creativity. I never know where a prompt will take me! I always enjoy hearing what group members have written, and value their encouraging and considered feedback on my work.”

Louise H.

Wednesday Writers member
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