Committee Members

Meet the committee! Our society is run by a group of unpaid volunteerers. Being on the committee is a great way to gain experience of being on an executive committee in a friendly and supportive environment. It’s another way to show support to women writers. The committee are nominated and confirmed at the annual AGM. 

If you are interested in helping out please contact the President.

President: Caroline Webber

Vice-President: Paula Wilson

Treasurer: Paula Wilson (acting)

Assistant Treasurer: Maryna Mews

Corporate Secretary: Vanessa Potts

Membership Secretary: Megan Wallens

Writers’ Group Coordinator: Lindsay Bamfield

Website Managers: Bhavna Khanna, Martha Ackroyd-Curtis

History & Archive Project Manager: Karen Meyer

Associate member: Del Nightingale

Associate Member: Razmi Wahab

Associate Member: Jenny Hearn
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