Writers’ Groups Guidelines

Do you ever wish you had an interested audience with whom to share your writing? Someone who will listen, make comments beyond ‘That’s great!’ when you know it’s not?

Participants of Writers' Groups share their work, read what others are writing, make comments and learn from the informed opinions of fellow members of the Society of Women Writers. Writers’ Groups are supportive and encouraging and members understand that participants are all at different stages of their writing journey and respect each other’s sensitivity and creativity.

Members of Writers’ Groups agree to give constructive feedback, following the ‘sandwich’ analogy: the top slice of bread gives a positive comment about the work, the sandwich filling is more detailed feedback about a specific issue or part of the text and what can be improved, and the bottom slice of bread is a broad comment about the whole piece. There are further suggestions for critiquing and providing feedback on work below.

Members respect each other’s voices, share information and support each other and, most importantly, feel inspired and have fun.

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