November Meeting: The Christmas Party


Friday, 27 November, 2015, SWWV Meeting 11 am – 3 pm  The Christmas Party will be preceded by the reading and judging of the Annual Short, Short Story Competition (2 x A4 page limit) on the theme ‘The Christmas Pudding’.
A brief general meeting will take place at 11 am. Hayden Raysmith Room, 4th Floor, Ross House. 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Please bring a plate to share.


October meeting: Haiku and Haibun Workshop


Friday 30 October, 11 am–3 pm, The Haiku and Haibun Workshop with Janet Howie. Janet will enlarge Society members’ knowledge and practice of this intriguing form of poetry. The workshop will begin at 11.30 am after the SWWV General Meeting. Hayden Raysmith Room, 4th Floor, Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.


SWWV Biennial Literary Award Results 2015

Biennial Literary Award Judges and Some Winners

The results of the SWWV Biennial Literary Award 2015 were announced at the Society’s September meeting. The results and the short story report are posted below:

2015 Biennial Literary Awards Results

Judge Dr. Molly Travers Report on Short Story Bi.Lit. Award 2015

Pictured in the photo, left to right: Blaise van Hecke (President  SWWV), Janice Williams (2nd, Short Story), Mary Jones (Special Mention, Short Story and Article), Judith Green (Special Mention, Poetry), Razmi Wahab (Special Mention, Article), Molly Travers (Judge, Short Story and Article), Emilie Collyer (Judge, Poetry) and Lynne Murphy (Organiser, Biennial Literary Award). Photo by Meryl Brown Tobin.