Perennial Poets

A group for ten people interested in all forms of poetry. Monthly submissions are collated into a journal by the facilitator. Each member in turn receives the journal, and has four days to comment on the contributions, before emailing it to the next person on the list. After all members have commented, the facilitator compiles the feedback for each member.

Facilitator: Lindsay Bamfield
Contact: Click here

What Do Members Say?

“These groups had a significant impact on my writing, however it was always only for my own pleasure. I’ve not won any awards on this journey, but that’s not important to me. I like feed back, good or bad. That’s part of it all. I have enjoyed my years with Carpe Diem and now Perennial Poets. I enjoy what I do and have been grateful for all the encouragement at SWWV. I've learnt a lot about writing, me as a writer and other writers of all levels and of all genres.”

Sandra T.

Perennial Poets
“I am so happy to belong to SWWV. The genuine support that comes from a group where we all share a common passion is priceless. The members help you in ways that give you perspective on your craft and encourage you to develop and expand ideas. I enjoy sharing my writing and critiquing my peers writing. I feel as though in a sense I can follow them on their own personal journeys and also have a giggle or cry along the way. Thank you all the team, for the opportunity you have given me and the encouragement to express myself in this wonderful way.”

Mary L.

Perennial Poets
“Having a number of people critique my writing, both offering encouragement and also constructive criticism allows for growth and development. Also, suggestions of various avenues that might be interested in my work (or even potential publication!) are also very inspirational to keep moving forward.”

Nenia T.

Perennial Poets & Spring
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