February Monthly Meeting (online) is 17 February 2023MORE
February Monthly Meeting (online) is 17 February 2023MORE
February Monthly Meeting (online) is 17 February 2023MORE
February Monthly Meeting (online) is 17 February 2023MORE

The Work-in-Progress Group

This group is for writers working on novel length works of any genre. The purpose of the group is:

  • To discuss current projects and problems encountered and to ask for ideas. Discussions may include:
    • Writer’s block

    • Lack of ideas

    • Productivity/Time management

    • Lack of confidence (there is no such thing as a wannabe writer - a writer writes)

    • Grammar/punctuation issues

    • Planning/Outlining/Characters (is the character believable, does the scene work, etc.)

    • To network. There is nothing more satisfying than talking with other like-minded people.

    • To critique and/or edit the work of others. Should critiquing or editing be required writing to be given (either hard copy or emailed) at one meeting with the intention of it being returned the next meeting.

      No more than 2,000 words at a time for prose or no more than 30 lines of poetry. Longer pieces should be given chapter by chapter. Contributions should be submitted to group members as a Word document with wide margins using one of the basic fonts such as Times New Roman 12 point and double or one and a half line spacing, to allow easy reading.

      Contributions, for discussion, should be emailed to group members one week before the meeting.

      Critiquing/editing is to be considered helpful only and not of a professional standard.

  • To share information and knowledge to help members on their path towards publication.

When does the group meet?

The group meets monthly for a two-hour meeting but other contact outside of these times between group members is encouraged. The group is currently meeting online but will meet face-to-face following the lifting of COVID-19-restrictions

What do members say?

“I have a 10,000 word story that I am sure has the ability to be a novel. Belonging to a group such as this will keep me on track and hold me accountable. Along the way I will learn from and be encouraged by experienced writers.”

Patricia A.

The WIP Group
“I am thoroughly looking forward to joining this group and helping others to advance their writing. Joining a writing group is an ideal way of being held accountable. It makes you sit down and write!”

Caroline W.

The WIP Group
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