Marie Lukic

Marie is an Australian writer of fiction and non-fiction. Among her published titles are the 'VCE English Leading Edge Guide to Maestro'(Harcourt Education, 2007) 'Galaxy Trotters' (2009-10), Premier's Reading Challenge text (Sid Harta), and her children's book, an SRA Reader, Pasquale's Gift'(Thomas Nelson) (1994). In the last few years, Marie has developed her website and enjoyed linking her self-published and published texts to Marie

Privately, in her spare time, Marie designs, illustrates (picture research) and refines drafts of her texts, which now include plays, poetry, family history and children's books. In 2019, Marie completed an Introduction to Bookbinding at RMIT (College of Design) and is learning to refine bookbinding and marbling skills.

This year Marie has returned to teaching. Her education includes a literary degree with Legal Studies minor and humanities subjects (Latrobe University), further studies in Education, Bastow Leading Literacy, plus a Diploma in Professional Writing & Editing (NMIT).

In 2023, Marie has enjoyed teaching casually, learning fine art and posting her early paintings on Facebook.

Marie excelled in her Professional Writing & Editing Diploma and received high praise for her first children’s novel “Galaxy Trotters’, described by one reviewer as ‘a great book.’

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