Judith A Green

Judith’s family joke: she was born with a book in her hands.  The magic of stories, be it those she read as a child or those she heard during family gatherings, triggered a life-long interest in not only exploring the written word but recording the stories of her forebears.
Judith grew up on a wheat and sheep farm outside Warracknabeal, experiencing the joy of abundant crops and the anxiety of drought years, yet cherishes the memories of the strength of home and community.  It possibly explains why much of her writing has a rural basis.  People, place and history weave through her poetry, short stories and non-fiction as she explores the way attitudes and actions of individuals and society influences the wellbeing of individuals within a community.
Throughout her career as a kindergarten teacher Judith relished the challenge of instilling a love of words, of language, of books in the children.  She believes once a child’s imagination blossoms he or she is open to exploring the world, open to the excitement of discovery and the magic and wonder of learning.
Judith had been writing for many years before she joined the Society of Women Writers Victoria in 2000.  While still teaching she could not attend meetings but found a sense of belonging through the Postal Workshops developed by the Society.  It was an opportunity to not only have her own work critiqued by her peers, but the act of critiquing the work of fellow writers nurtured a greater awareness of the art of writing.  These workshops continue to be a significant part of Judith’s writing journey.


‘Inherited Touch’ is Judith’s first book length work.  It is due for release in 2020.


Judith’s writing has been published in several anthologies, the most recent being the annual SWWV journal Sparx.


Judith has been placed or Commended in a variety of literary competitions for her poetry, short stories, non-fiction and children’s writing.

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