Jesse Sinn

I grew up in Hampton and married young and had two children them became a single mum at 36. Started my own business running conferences which we managed for 20 years. Moved into teaching and finally real estate. During my working life I travelled each year to reward myself. Thoroughly enjoyed these breaks away and learning about other cultures. I insisted my children go to university and set themselves up with sound careers because I left school in year 11 finding it all too demanding. 

My life time interest was always writing so after major surgery on my back when in my 60’s and not very mobile for a while I started writing. Listed all the topics I was interested in and started with many short stories. Spent 6 years writing TIP-OFF 1 and now finished TIP-OFF 2. Details available on the website. 


TIP-OFF 1 released in 2021 and TIP-OFF 2 just launched at my local News agency in Mont Albert. 

The TIP-OFF series is about undercover officers and how they cope with the stresses of their troublesome lives dealing with the underworld then personal relationships when they fail. More details available on the website. 

Now working on:

Speaking of Dead Men and others – a collection of stories enjoying life and remembering those who have left this world. 

A children’s book is also in the pipeline with influence from my grandchildren.


Being part of the village bringing up my grandchildren is my focus. As well as learning more about writing and mixing with other people who enjoy this field. Currently I am working on my next book and trying to navigate the marketing process so my books are in the marketplace. 

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