Denise Ogilvie

In a previous life Denise worked as a public librarian for over thirty years. Once freed from work and family commitments she returned to adolescent passion – writing.

Denise enjoys writing short, fictionalised stories about growing up during the 1950’s and 1960’s. She is also busy working on her ‘Great Australian Novel’, to be completed at a date to be determined.

In her other persona as Isabel Ogilvie, Denise has published a children’s fantasy novel, 'The Luchair Stones'. Published by Phoenix Yard Books in London, the book has launched in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

Denise’s short story, ‘Fetes des Ramparts’ was long listed for the Evesham Festival of Words (UK) short story competition and later published in Backstory: a history journal a with an eye on the future.

Published Works

Short Story ‘Endless Summer’ in Bravo (2009) Veterans Affairs Department

Short Story ‘At the close of Summer’ (2010) Williamstown Literary Festival anthology

‘The Luchair Stones’ (2014) Phoenix Yard Books (under the pen name of Isabel Ogilvie)

Short story ‘Fetes des Ramparts’ Backstory: a history journal with an eye on the future. 

Short story ‘Bridge Shadows’ Backstory.

Short story ‘The Min Min” Backstory

Denise is currently studying for her Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing at Deakin University with the aim of one day completing her Masters.

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