Caroline Petit

Caroline Petit was born in Washington D.C., raised in Maryland and has lived in Melbourne, Australia for many years and raised her family here. She is a graduate of Chatham College in Pittsburgh and holds advance degrees from Johns Hopkins University, The London School of Economics, the University of Melbourne’s School of Law and RMIT.  Caroline is a novelist and occasional short story writer.

The Natural History of Love published in 2022 by Affirm Press is a historical novel loosely based on the 19th century lives of Brazilian Carolina Fonçeca and her lover and life companion the French explorer, naturalist and diplomat, the Count de Castelnau and explores their life together from a remote sugar Brazilian plantation, to the salons of Paris and the early days of Melbourne settlement.  Her previous novels, The Fat Man’s Daughter and Deep Night, are literary thrillers and were published in the US by Soho Press. 


  • The Natural History of Love, Affirm Press, 2022
  • Deep Night, Soho Press, New York, 2008
  • The Fat Man’s Daughter, Soho Press, 2005


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