Dress You Up (New Lit Salon)

Lindsay Bamfield

Dress You Up is an anthology like no other. The twelve diverse stories in this collection speak to the multiple ways in which fashion is more than just the clothes we wear. There will be no frivolous yarns about fashion here-those tales you will find in a different closet. Our Capsule Collection of Fashionable Fiction shows how the clothes we wear and the accessories we covet are imbued with memories from our past, challenges in our present, and hopes for our future. The stories focus on themes such as trauma and healing, perception and identity, love and loss, hopes and dreams, and, ultimately, help us define who we are or want to be. Edited by Brian Centrone (Salon Style: Fiction, Poetry & Art and Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South) and illustrated by Stephen Tornero, Dress You Up will dazzle and delight readers as much as it will touch and move them.

$0.00 inc. GST

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