Only 3 weeks to go! Winter Words Writers' FestivalMORE
Only 3 weeks to go! Winter Words Writers' FestivalMORE
Only 3 weeks to go! Winter Words Writers' FestivalMORE
Only 3 weeks to go! Winter Words Writers' FestivalMORE

Sue Gunningham

Sue has been a writer since she was first given a pencil. She has a Doctorate in Mathematics Education and has worked as a teacher, university lecturer and private education consultant. Sue has written both teacher reference and textbooks and for a number of years she edited the quarterly Victorian Mathematics Association journal for teachers.

Currently she develops and delivers financial literacy workshops to remote indigenous communities and disadvantaged groups in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Regions. 

Sue is passionate about writing, and her poetry, articles and short stories have appeared in various anthologies and periodicals. Her memoir, ‘All the Days After’ (2017) describes Sue’s struggle to rebuild her life after the loss of her partner Barry and their cottage in the 2009 Victorian Black Saturday bushfires. Her second memoir ‘Waldene – Love in the Shadows’ describes the slow-building love between Sue and Barry from their first meeting until Barry’s death. Sue belongs to three different writing groups and regularly delivers writing workshops and author talks. 


Fire Nelson Australia (1999) children’s storybook (one of a larger series)
Thinking Allowed, Hawker Brownlow (2003)
Numeracy Workbook for VCAL, CUP (2006)
Action Numeracy for Middle Primary, ACER Press (2007)
Action Numeracy for Upper Primary, ACER Press (2008)
Mathematics 7A & 7B for Papua New Guinea, OUP (2007)
Mathematics 8A & 8B for Papua New Guinea, OUP (2009)
More Thinking Allowed, Hawker Brownlow (2013)
All the Days After, Finch Publishers (2015)
Waldene – Love in the Shadows, for release late 2020

Valuing mathematics in our society Maths Association of Victoria (2002)
Making mathematicians Maths Association of Victoria (2003)
Mathematics- Making sense of our world Maths Association of Victoria (2007)
Mathematics is multi-dimensional Maths Association of Victoria (2011)
Time to Write, Yarra Bend Press (2014)
A Tapestry of Words, a Whittlesea Community Grants publication (2014)

Hard’N Bold, Prime Number, RACV, Northern News, Leader News, ACHPER, and others.

First prize: Scribes Short Takes Prose, 2015, 2016 and 2019

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