Razmi Wahab

My involvement with SWWVic started so many years ago. I can remember looking forward to the newsletter which brought sanity to my mothering life. I learned about the Society when I was doing a novel writing course with CAE in Nunawading, in September 1978. My firstborn was two months old and I was on maternity leave and I thought I would have time to write. I have always written. There were times when my membership would lapse but somehow I got back into it because in the background there is the support of the writing group that came out of the novel writing class.

When my children were young I somehow managed to write articles for The Age. I have entered short story competitions in the past, but now I tend to write articles mainly and poetry sometimes. I write a monthly family newsletter and belong to the Eve Fortune writing group. In 2016 I published a short book about my mother, using Blurb publishing. I was going to travel to France and Italy in May that year and I wanted to finish the book, in case I dropped dead or something. Just as well I did as I ended up in Florence’s oldest hospital for a week, with a blood clot in my lung!

The Society and the writing group keep me writing.

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