Patricia Arts

Patricia has a background in Shopping Centre Management in Queensland, from Administration to Finance, and finally to Operations. It was with this division that Patricia gained accreditation, and practised as, both Workplace Health & Safety Officer (Qld) and Workplace Rehabilitator (Qld). She found that the creativity of writing was then a welcome change.

She joined SWWV in July 2014 and the Carpe Diem workshop, now in hibernation, in February 2015. Patricia has been on the SWWV committee from April 2016 to present-day but did take a break from January 2017 to August 2018.

In September 2018 she succeeded Judith Green as SWWV Postal Workshops (as this position was then known) coordinator and editor of the Carpe Diem. She replaced Nenia Tavrou as the editor of the Spring group in January 2020.

Patricia joined a U3A writing group in January 2014 and stayed with this group until the end of 2019. From February 2019 she tutored that group for that year.  With a potential move early in 2020, one that for various reasons did not eventuate, she left U3A at the end of 2019, this giving her more time for other activities, including writing.

Short fiction of various lengths is her preference; however, some tended to run away. As well as a few short stories, Patricia is presently revisiting a major work-in-progress: a time shift piece that started life as a 750-word U3A homework assignment. With 10,000 words so far, Patricia hopes a novel will eventuate.

Her writing journey continues. Sometimes at a sprint, while at other times it comes to a complete full stop.

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