Nenia Tavrou OAM

Nenia is a retired Project Manager and Family Counsellor, is married and lives in Melbourne Australia. Writing for many years, she has travelled extensively to all continents, bar Antarctica, but focusing mostly on working for short stints in places such as: Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Israel, China, India, Bangladesh, and Cambodia. This has included doing everything from counselling, teaching, painting, setting up children’s programs to supporting women.

She currently attends a Pentecostal church with her husband and is involved in community work locally such as teaching migrants English and how to culturally integrate into the community, visiting the elderly and housebound, Justice of the Peace, Red Cross etc. Most of her writings are inspired from her personal experiences.

Nenia's published works include: Magical Moments of an Adventurous life 2015; A humorous look at living with Epilepsy 2017; But Mummy I am a Witch! (Children’s book) 2019; But Daddy I am a Superhero! (Children's double book) 2020; A Moment with God (Devotional) 2010; Bottled tears from a tear stained face 2001; and Scarred by life – repaired through love 2004.

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