Nalini de Sielvie

Nalini de Sielvie has published ten books to date, including her autobiography, fiction, short stories and poems. 

Nalini migrated to Australia with her husband in 1972 and has two sons. She holds diplomas in journalism, scriptwriting, commercial art and pianoforte, and worked for the Commonwealth Government from 1986 to 2005 before changing direction. Besides writing and painting, Nalini teaches piano at a local school. 

Writers World Queensland and other publications have included Nalini's award-winning short stories and poems in several anthologies. She also contributes articles, poems and stories to various magazines and local papers. Nalini's poems were featured in an anthology 'Climb The Mountain' published by the Society Of Women Writers Victoria.

Nalini was also included in 'Who's Who of Australian Writers' in 1995. She is a current member of the Society of Women Writers Victoria, Australian Writers Guild, Writers Victoria, Peninsula Arts Society, and was President of Authors Australia Inc. (Independent Publishers).


Written In the Stars - Purchase it here

Thistles In the Wind - Purchase it here

An Eternal Summer - Purchase it here

Dark Shores-Return to Serendib - Purchase it here

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