Martha Ackroyd Curtis

Martha Ackroyd Curtis is an award winning Australian writer, video, installation and multi- medium artist. Her work consists of large-scale installation art, which is formulated through cohesive conceptual design. She has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas, and participated in various art festivals; most recently as part of Auckland Festival of Photography 2021, part of the Asia Pacific Photo Forum.

Curtis' is producing events for Midsumma 2022... get ready to bathe this summer! Pride on the Pavement + Tea and Bikkies.

 Curtis published a collection of poems and visuals for all women kind in 2020 titled HELLO TITTY. The photographs chosen for this volume are selected based on delicacy, a little bit of smut, power, and an extra strong dosage of humour.ENJOY.

“I can start with a thought or just a word. I look at life's experience, historical context, and styles, or I just let the words eat the paper.” - Ackroyd Curtis, micro-podcast 2021

Martha Ackroyd Curtis presented HELLO TITTY through interviews on Radio Adelaide, Joy FM Informer, Joy TV's Kerrie and Dolly's House Party which was streamed on Victoria Together, Joy FM, Midsumma Festival, Star Observor, and Melbourne Queer Film Festival. She was also featured in Australian Arts Review.





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