Margaret Pearce

At seven she read her first science fiction magazine and became hooked on science fiction and fantasy. She completed a commercial course and was then launched on an unsuspecting business world as a typist, stenographer, and secretary before falling into copywriting.

When she married, she commenced writing and even while raising children, found time to publish. She completed an arts degree as a mature age student, got halfway through a Dip. Ed. decided she wasn’t teacher material and returned to writing.

Margaret has over 60 published titles, some of which are listed below. Her Smashwords writer page is here.

BOOKS Website here
The Mystery of the Third Seal (teenage), 2006

Rebecca series: Rebecca & the Changeling, 2012. Rebecca & the Hobgoblin Invasion, 2012. Rebecca & the Wicked Witch, 2013. Rebecca & the Missing Heir, 2013. Rebecca & the Horror Harvest, 2013. Rebecca & the Fairy Prince, 2015. Rebecca& the Flying Horse, 2015. Rebecca & the Dragon, 2015

Primary trilogy: Wanted a Horse, The Circus Runaways, Missing a Horse, 2014
Primary trilogy: Belinda & the Witch’s Cat, Belinda & the Missing Will, Belinda & the Holidays it Rained, 2014

Middle grade: The Misfit, 2013. Sherry Sharples, 2013. The Feud of Lovelace Court, 2015. The Edge of Forever, 2016. Alter of Shulaani, 2015. Cave of the Dreaming, 2015. Secret of the Kloog, 2015. Caught in Willaburra, 2014. Mystery of the Thgird Seal, 2015. The Secret in the Compost Bin, 2015. Catch Me if you Can, 2018. The Convertible Couch, 2021.

Adult fantasy: The Scarlett Quest, 2013

Romantic Suspense under the name of Jacquelyn Webb: The HongKong Stopover, 2019. The Green Heart of Love, 2022. Shadows over Taralyn, 2022.

Custom Book Publications:
Hole in the Sky, 2014
Entrapment, 2015
The Weekend of Terror, 2015
UFO Incident, 2016

ASJ Publishing:
Tales of the Supernatural & Other Oddities, 2016

Tirgearr Publishing:
Mission Perilous, 2018

Fountain of Youth, 2018

Ginninderra Press:

Adult Humour: Not Mentioning Any Names, 2021. 

Poetry Chap. Books. Victorian Weather, 2021. On the Soapbox, 2022.

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