Louise Hopewell

Louise Hopewell writes short stories, plays, poetry and songs. Louise suffers from itchy feet and chronic volunteerism and has lived and worked in Japan, Thailand and a remote community in Central Australia.

After having her early attempts at haiku dismissed as ‘primary school haiku’ by an esteemed poet, Louise has gone on to win a number of haiku awards and her haiku, senryu, haibun and haiga have appeared in all major international haiku journals.

Louise’s short plays and monologues have been performed as part of Madwomen Monologues, Bendigo 10x10, Arkfest and Theatia Podsie. She dreams of one day writing a musical.

Louise is currently working on a humous memoir based on the two years she spent living in Japan.

When not writing, Louise can be found riding her bicycle or playing ukulele (but not at the same time—yet!).


Selected poetry anthologies (Haiku and senryu)

Peter Jeffery, Chris Arnold, Coral Carter, Rose van Son, Gary De Piazzi and Barry Sanbrook (eds), Creatrix Anthology 3, 2017–19: Selected Poetry, Haiku and Senyru, WA Poets Publishing, 2020.

Jim Kacian (ed), A Hole in the Light: The Red Moon Anthology of English-language Haiku 2018, Red Moon Press, 2019.

Shloka Shankar (ed), The Arithmetic of Sparrows: Best of Paper Lanterns Vol. 1, Yavanika Press, 2018.

Poetry journals 

Louise’s haiku, senryu, haibun and haiga have been published in all major international journals, including: Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Under the Basho, Windfall, Presence, Sonic Boom, Hedgerow, Femku, Acorn, Creatrix, Echidna Tracks, Chrysanthemum, Seashores, The Cicada’s Cry and Prune Juice.

Selected short story anthologies 

‘The Ministry of Complaints’, Sarah Nicholson and Caitlin White (eds), Heroines: An Anthology of Short Fiction and Poetry, Vol. 2, Neo Perennial Press, 2019.

‘Safe and Sound’, The End: Visible Ink, Issue 29, Visible Ink and Clover Press, 2017.

Short stories in journals

Louise’s short stories have also appeared in Headland, StylusLit, Backstory, Headland, NonBinary Review, Seizure and Eastlit.


First place, John Bird Dreaming Award for Haiku, 2021.

First place, 5th Annual H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest, 2020.

Second place, Creatrix Haiku Prize, 2020.

First commendation, 9th Sharpening the Green Pencil Contest, 2020.

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