Jenny Hearn BA, LTCL, ASDA.

In Jenny’s own words her most important and valuable roles are as wife, mother and grandmother.

Her other accomplishments are:

Acting - Stage, television, film, radio.

Writing - Poetry, 4 biographies of pioneer ancestors, historical romance.

Team Leader - Women’s Clubs Papua New Guinea.

Communications Lecturer – Hawthorn Institute of Education.

Fine wool sheep farmer – North Eastern Victoria.

‘Stori Bilong Misis Bilong Armi’, Pandanus Books (2010).

‘The Difficult Debut of Miss Harriet DeFortesbra’ (late 2020) – the validity of the exciting historical background (1800 -1820) being endorsed by period prose and poetic comment.

Target audience: Romance readers and history students.

‘Murumbeenera, A Pangerninghe Woman’ (late 2020) –  a romance novel using poetry and prose to endorse the adventures of the heroine, to validate the historical background and make reference to the beauty and particularity of the Tasmanian flora and fauna. The setting of this novel is  during the three first dangerous, settlement decades of the nineteenth century.

Target audience: Tourists,  history students and romance readers

Student productions with Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne – Shakespeare etc.
‘The women’ – Independent Theatre, Sydney.
‘Voices’ – Pram Factory, Melbourne.

‘Lonely Hearts’, 1982,
‘Annie’s Coming Out’ 1983,
‘Cool Change’ 1984,
Variety of roles in training films.

‘Bellbird’, ‘Prisoner’, ‘Cop Shop’, ‘The Sullivans’, ‘Twenty Good Years’, ‘Homicide’, ‘Bluey’,
‘Special Squad’, ‘Cox’s Law’, variety of roles in Commercials.

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