Amanda Thomas Walsh

Amanda Thomas Walsh is a teacher and mental health advocate. Her story of severe Post Natal Mental Illness was featured on SBS’s The Feed. She lives with her husband and family in Sydney’s inner west.


"Mother’s Mind"

A Mother’s Mind is a recollection of confronting and intense mental health episodes. It is a deeply personal offering. It provides a rare and raw glimpse into what some mothers can experience, though few may feel they can share.

Gidget Foundation Australia advocate for the de-stigmatisation of mental health and Amanda’s book is one more step toward this coming to fruition.” Arabella Gibson CEO Gidget Foundation Australia.

Tired and anxious, Amanda Thomas Walsh, wakes up one morning wondering how she will get through the day with two young children to look after. Amanda’s thoughts rapidly descend, until the life-changing moment when she is bundled into an ambulance, rushed to a psychiatric ward and sectioned. A Mother’s Mind is Amanda’s journey of pain, discovery and ultimately, healing. 

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