April Meeting

Performance Poetry Talk and Workshop

We were fortunate to have a return visit from performance poet Krystle Herdy, who led a workshop at the April meeting. Members attending were all inspired by her enthusiasm to produce a short piece of poetry to perform, although many of them were not usually poetry-writers.


Change to May Meeting


Due to the unavailability of a speaker on legal matters for the May meeting there is a change in topic.


The workshop will cover both poetry and short story.
There will be – group discussions
– writing time
– reading of work written during the

Friday 25 May
Library at the Dock



New Patron: Hazel Edwards OAM

Errol Broome and Hazel Edwards

Errol Broome (L) and Hazel Edwards (R)

At the April meeting, we were delighted to welcome Hazel Edwards, OAM, who took over as Literary Patron of the society from Errol Broome.







Hazel Edwards OAM – our new Patron 

Best known for the children’s literature classic There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake series, Hazel Edwards writes for children, teenagers and adults.

With over 200 books published, Hazel runs non-boring workshops and mentors aspiring authors online. An enthusiastic Reading Ambassador, Hazel has a range of resources for teachers and children to encourage reading and writing within the classroom. Authorpreneurship: the Business of Creativity is useful for aspiring writers.

Hazel’s releases include: f2m: the boy within, and Trail Magic: Going Walkabout for 2184 Miles on the Appalachian Trail co-written with her THRU walker son Trevelyan who completed the 6 month trail. Hazel’s memoir Not Just a Piece of Cake: Being an Author is gaining 5-star reviews. Hijabi Girl has a class performance script available too. Hippo! Hippo! the Garry Ginivan musical is touring nationally. Celebrant Sleuth, an adult mystery, is Hazel’s latest publication.

As you can see from this impressive body of work, and by the work that Hazel does in the literary community, we are very fortunate to have her as our Patron. Hazel will be a valuable member of our community to further enhance the work that we do as a group.


Vale Patricia O’Keefe

A young PatPatricia O’Keefe, much valued SWWV member and Postal Workshop Editor, died on 10th April, a month before her 80th birthday. She will be sadly missed by her many writing friends.

A tribute to her can be found here

Pat O’Keefe 180501 VALE

Below is a picture from 2013, of one of the happy occasions when Pat was well enough to attend one of the Postal Workshop picnics.


Pat at Postal Workshop picnic 2013

Enjoying each other’s company at the SWWV Poetry Workshop Members Picnic on Sat, Jan 19, 2013, are from left to right: Judith Green, Postal Workshop Coordinator and Editor, Carpe Diem; Paula Wilson, Editor, Spring; Meryl Tobin; Lynne Murphy; Nenia Tavrou and Pat O’Keefe, Editor, Ariadne’s Thread.


April Meeting and Newsletter


Friday 27 April – Library at the Dock

11am–2pm (committee meeting 2pm–3pm)
Member meeting followed by workshop: Writing performance poetry with Krystle Herdy.
Hazel Edwards has agreed to be Patron of the Society. She will attend the April meeting to make this official. More information is in the April newsletter, which is is now available, here and on the newsletter page.

A New Book From Margaret Pearce

SWWV member Margaret Pearce has a new book, MISSION PERILOUS, to be released as an ebook by Tirgearr Publishing. It can be acquired from Kindle, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo and Nook next week.
It will be available at the discounted price of 99 cents until 25th February 2018, and after that at $6.99.


MISSION PERILOUS was based on a D. & D. role playing game.
Deep in a dungeon beneath the streets of the Black City, three men await their fate. To escape, Rofe, a crusading knight, Olaf the Barbarian, and Merc ‘Prince of Thieves’, must put aside their differences and band together.
They journey through enemy territory, fighting gargantuan reptiles, man-eating plants and voodoo poisons. Their survival is dependent on their swords, courage and sheer cunning.


February Meeting and Newsletter

The first meeting of 2018 is on Friday February 23rd, 11am, at Ross House. Please note that the February and March meetings are both at Ross House, and the April and May meetings are both in the Library at the Dock.

Full details of meetings for the year are in the February newsletter, available here and on the newsletter page.


Postal Workshops Annual Gathering, 2018


Mary jones, Sandra Topp, Anne-Marie Butt, Betty Chen.

Mary Jones, Sandra Topp, Anne-Marie Butt, Betty Chen.

Del Nightingale, Beth Wunderlich, Nenia Tavrou, Judith Green.

Del Nightingale, Beth Wunderlich, Nenia Tavrou, Judith Green.

Meryl Tobin, Del Nightingale, Beth Wunderlich.

Meryl Tobin, Del Nightingale, Beth Wunderlich.








Nine members attended our gathering at Cafe Vic, which was a good number considering our change of venue and extreme temperatures of the previous few days.  We were very fortunate with the weather as the previous Saturday and the following were very hot.

The Postal Workshops are a community of women writers but as we write and critique friendships develop. The January gathering is a mix of social interaction and ‘writers’ talk.  It is often the spring board for our writing as we once again focus on what we share throughout the year after the rush and busyness of Christmas and New Year.  With submissions due for the first issues of the Postal Workshop magazines members talk of what they have written or what their plans are for the months ahead.

For some of the members this January gathering is their only face-to-face contact with fellow members of the Society, the yearly catch-up with what has happened since the same-time last year.  Much laughter, chatter, stories to tell, delicious food to enjoy as poems and stories start to percolate as we share the frustrations and joys of a writing life.

Judith Green
Postal Workshops Co-ordinator