April Meeting and Newsletter

The April meeting is on Friday April 26th at 11am, at Ross House in the Jenny Florence Room.

The theme of the meeting will be poetry, in preparation for the Kathryn Purnell Poetry competition. Mary Jones will run a workshop on rhythm and rhyme with particular reference to writing limericks.

The Art of the Limerick – Getting The Rhyme and Rhythm Right
Learn how to write perfect limericks without breaking (or even bending) the rules.
Find out the importance of where the stresses fall in place names.
Learn how to make it easier for yourself to find true rhymes.

The April newsletter is now available, here and on the newsletter page.


February Meeting

At the February meeting members shared their reading and writing from the holiday period. Some brought copies of books to recommend, and some read from their own work completed or in progress. This first meeting always covers a fascinating range of writing, and is a good way to set us up with inspiration for the coming year.

Thanks to Meryl Tobin for the photographs.
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Books recommended were:
‘American Gods’ by Neil Gaiman
‘Thistles in the Wind’ by Nalini de Sielvie
‘All the Days After’ by Sue Gunningham
‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ by Amor Towes
‘The Daughters of Mars’ by Tom Keneally


February Meeting

Happy New Year to members. The newsletter is not far away but in the meantime we’d like to remind you about our first meeting for the year, THIS coming Friday at Ross House, Jenny Florence Room, 11am until 2pm.

We’ll be sharing our writing and reading from over the summer.

Update: The newsletter is now here and on the Newsletter page.



Postal Workshops

SWWVic postal workshops provide a valuable opportunity for members to share and critique their work. They are particularly appreciated by members who live far enough from the city to find it difficult to attend the regular monthly meetings. The once yearly get-togethers give us all a chance to put faces to names for the first time, or catch up with old friends in person. This year’s event was held on Saturday January 19th, at Time Out in Fed Square. We shared good food, good company, interesting conversations and lots of laughter. Thanks to Meryl for the photographs.

Our workshop co-ordinator, Patricia Arts, writes:


Thirteen members from Carpe Diem, eSpring and Perennial Poets Postal Workshops attended our gathering at Time Out restaurant in Federation Square on Saturday, 19 January 2019.

The milder, bright and breezy summer day brought crowds of tennis fans out for the Australian Open meaning that Federation Square and its restaurants and cafes were very busy, but our corner of Time Out was relatively quiet allowing conversation to be shared.

Our annual gathering is a social time and with thirteen people present there were always several conversations going on at once. The chatter and laughter may not always focus on writing, and when it does is rarely in-depth, but the friendships and the face-to-face interaction create a basis of caring and understanding.

Postal Workshops were formed to allow those limited by distance, mobility, sickness, work or other commitments to share their writing and to enjoy the benefits of belonging to the Society and for some members this January gathering is their only chance to meet with fellow members of the Society.

The yearly catch-up is a mix of social interaction and ‘writers’ talk and is a chance to share the frustrations and joys of a writing life.  For those who cannot attend SWWV meetings, the Postal Workshops create a sense of belonging.

Patricia Arts
Postal Workshops Coordinator



All three presently have a few vacancies.  The Postal Workshops of CARPE DIEM and eSPRING accept both prose and poetry while PERENNIAL POETS accepts poetry only.

If you are interested, please visit the postal workshop page here and send a message to Patricia.