Hacy Tobias

Website: www.corporateprincess.com

Hacy Tobias is a human resources professional, including twenty plus years at general manager level. She spent over a decade in global roles until one day, out of the blue, her job ended. She then entered the world of small business before returning to the corporate world in more recent years.

Hacy’s corporate life has always involved aspects of writing – board papers, plans and proposals, human resource policies and presentations. After so many years, she decided to turn her hand to creative writing and share her many adventures and life lessons in both the corporate and small business worlds. With a wicked and self deprecating sense of humour, she keeps her friends, staff and readers entertained. Her book, The Diaries of a Corporate Princess, was published on 2012.

When Hacy is not writing, she devours books with great stories, is a theatre lover and enjoys comedy. She lives in Melbourne with her husband, (also a published author and award winner) and her rumbustious Burmese cat, Oscar.

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