1st June                                Book Chat

Book Chat has moved to the first Tuesday of the month at 10.30 am. Join members online for a fun and friendly discussion about books they have – or have not enjoyed! For further information and the Zoom link contact Caroline Webber, President: caroline.webber@greenolivepress.com

2nd June

The Work in Progress group (full) meets online the first Wednesday of the month and is for members embarking on a novel-writing adventure. Group numbers are limited. For further information contact Vanessa Potts, group facilitator: vjpotts@yahoo.co.uk or click HERE to be taken to the Writers’ Group page of this website.

4th June

Closing date for submissions to the Kathryn Purnell Poetry Prize. Winner will be announced at the meeting on the 30th July 2021

8th June – Due to COVID restrictions – home schooling – this has been postponed until 15th June.

Caroline Webber will run an online Zoom session on Editing at 10.30am for members interested in joining the Sparx Editorial Committee. Please email Caroline for further information: caroline.webber@greenolivepress.com

10th June                              Deadline for submissions to the June newsletter

For further information contact Paula Wilson, Editor Write Awaypaulawilson1@optusnet.com.au

15th – 23rd June                    Spring Writing Group (full) call out for submissions.

For further information contact Lindsay Bamfield, Writing Groups Coordinator: lindsaybamfield@gmail.com or click HERE to be taken to the Writers’ Group page of this website.

20th June                   Perennial Poets Writing Group submissions for the month close.

For further information contact Nenia Tavrou, Perennial Poets Facilitator: Nenia1@bigpond.com or click HERE to be taken to the Writers’ Group page of this website.

25th June                         Monthly meeting – 11am – 2pm Online via Zoom. An invitation with joining instructions will be emailed to all members.

This meeting will have a focus on short story writing. Presenter to be announced soon.

28th June                            Let’s Write! Online Writing Group (full)

For further information contact Paula Wilson, Let’s Write Facilitator: paulawilson1@optusnet.com.au

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