NEXT MEETING WILL BE 25 JUNE 2021 at 11am, via ZOOM

The highlight of this meeting will be a presentation entitled Manuscript Matters by Irina Dunn followed by a Q&A session.

Members will be sent an invitation with joining instructions.

Irina Dunn is a well-known manuscript assessor, editor and literary agent, and is the Director of the Australian Writers’ Network, which has 13,000 subscribers throughout Australia and abroad.

She was the Director of the NSW Writers’ Centre for 15 years, as well as Manager of the Australian Writers’ Guild Authorship Collecting Society and Managing Editor at Booktopia. 

She wrote The Writer’s Guide: a companion to writing for pleasure or publication, (Allen & Unwin), which was shortlisted for the Australian Publishers’ Association National Education Awards and was described by the Australian Book Review as ‘a godsend for writers’.

Manuscript Matters

Many of us dabble with writing for fun, some of us write professionally. We write in different genres, about different subjects. One thing we all have in common though is that whatever we write is a manuscript.

While the days of reams of paper covered with delicate cursive handwritten scripts may have been replaced with crisp clean fonts tapped out on computers, a manuscript is still a manuscript. What is more, manuscripts help us present our stories, whatever they may be, to our audiences.

In Manuscript Matters, Irina Dunn will discuss the right – and the wrong – way to prepare your manuscript for presentation to a publisher. She will cover the essential elements for ensuring your manuscript looks professional and how to create enticing opening sentences to draw readers in.

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