This week’s postcard is from Nenia Tavrou, who has taken Zoom to the next level. Nenia’s been teaching an African man living in Mildura how to use Auslan… online!

Nenia writes …

SWW is an inspiration to keep writing regularly with the monthly magazines.

During Covid, a lot of other ideas have emerged – especially Zoom.
Caroline, with her team have devised ways to re-connect us, such as; the weekly email, book club, writing festival, online quiz, milestone merchandise, recipes…what next?

There’s more to us than writing. We’ve interests, experience, confidence. Grey hair, wrinkles. We’re more comfortable in our skin than before. Fashion and heels no longer our priority.

Good friendships are important. Those who accept us just as we are. With or without makeup. We like to help – and be helped. Because life experience good or bad has made us who we are.

I’m a professional volunteer; JP, Red Cross, teaching ESL to migrants, visiting the housebound, knitting for RCH.

My challenge? To teach a deaf man from Africa – who knows some Auslan – how to read and write English. He doesn’t have friends in Mildura and nobody knows Auslan. He wants to move to Melbourne but requires a job, so needs to write a resume. To do that he must learn to read and write English. I understand Auslan so we’ve been meeting on Zoom each week. It’s a big challenge.

Nenia Tavrou OAM JP

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