Congratulations to Valerie Pybus who has signed a publishing agreement with Ark House Press for her historical novel, Beyond the Tamar.

Valerie said “It has all happened so unexpectedly and quickly that I am slightly ‘gob smacked’.”

Valerie had not thought to approach Ark House Press until during a recent presentation at the church in Miranda, the minister whom she has known for many years, suggested she tried them as they publish Christian books and he felt her work could be a good fit.

“I re-read Beyond The Tamar and it does carry a very Christian message throughout which I had not fully realized. Ark House Press’s books have a very good distributorship in Koorong Books (world-wide) as well as Amazon, Book Depository, Booktopia among others.”

I am slightly biased towards Valerie’s book as I edited it but I know all members will join me in a little happy dance to help her celebrate.

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