Did you enjoy Hannah Johnson’s workout sessions shown first thing every morning during the For The Love Of Writing Festival?

Hannah has put together low impact workout sessions that can be viewed using Zoom.

If you like the idea of doing workouts from home that don’t take forever, please join Hannah for her 25 minute morning exercise sessions.

Monday and Wednesday – 07:00 AM

Tuesday and Thursday  – 10:30 AM 

Cost: $5 per class or $10 per week for all class sessions

Interested to see if this is for you? Then Hannah is inviting you try 4 sessions at no cost.

These exercise sessions incorporate a variety of low impact aerobics, workout tracks from the program #DANCE, light strength and conditioning exercises, dynamic and static stretching and most importantly a focus on having fun and feeling good.

Needed for these sessions is access to Zoom, recommended is a minimum of 1m x 1m of floor space (moves can be modified), a water bottle and a sweat towel.

Hannah’s goal is to provide a fun session that will get your body moving and reduce stress.

If you are interested please contact Hannah on: and Hannah will provide you with information about how to get started.

Hannah is a qualified fitness instructor with a passion for group fitness and has taught at various gyms around Melbourne since 2018. She became an instructor to show others that there are fun ways to exercise and you don’t have to train like an athlete to feel good. 

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