October Meeting – Launch of Sparx, Margaret Hazzard Short Story Award winners and much more

The launch of the fifth issue of Sparx, the Society’s anthology of members’ writing, was different this year as it had to be conducted online. However thirty people joined in to the meeting that had a launch-like feel and included the announcement of this years Margaret Hazzard Short Story Award winners, a quick quiz, a poetry reading and… a Wheel of Fortune complete with prizes!

We were especially pleased to welcome to the meeting Josephine Rowe who judged the Margaret Hazzard Short Story Award this year. In her report on the entries Josephine stressed the importance of the strength of the voice and mentioned this as being crucial to the success of a short story. Here is an excerpt from her report:

“Perhaps the only element that’s indispensable is a distinct and compelling voice – whether that’s the character’s voice, or the author’s, or some mysterious hybrid of the two. It needn’t be a reliable, or even a likeable voice – I just want to be able to hear it clearly enough to stay with it, to follow it along its own desire lines and around blind corners, in and out of the woods.”

You can read all of Josephine’s report in this issue of Sparx and details of how to purchase copies have been included in the post below.

There were 5 winners in the Wheel segment. Each receiving their choice of – a set of Sparx, a book by member Maribel Steele, 2 journal and pen sets, a SWWV 50th anniversary mug. The Wheel proved to be a fun segment and will be used again in meetings.

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