Where do you belong? Mapping the Australian contemporary poetry scene

Join academic and author, Tegan Schetrumpf, at our monthly meeting on Friday 25th  September as she talks about the importance of understanding and mapping out the contemporary writing scene – and locating where you belong as a writer. 

Opportunities to write, speak, and publish emerge from meeting hubs – from coffee shops to university campuses, open-mic nights to workshops. Each writing scene has its own clique and politics, and being able to recognise where your work will be most appreciated maximises your chances of successful engagement. 

Tegan will describe the characteristics of the most active genres in contemporary Australian poetry, from the dominant tension between lyrical poetry and experimental poetry to the smaller scenes of traditional bush poetry, eco-poetry, slam and postcolonial poetry, each of which utilises very different standards of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. She will also consider the politics with which they view each other.

These tensions feed age-old questions about writing, such as the anxiety of influence, the mythic figure of the lone, ‘inspired’ genius writer, and how workshops effect the writing process. Tegan will also give practical advice about recognising the literary predispositions of certain journals or even the judges of prizes, which will help you figure out what to submit where.

Author Bio: A firm believer in interdisciplinary study, Tegan Jane Schetrumpf has a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Master of Letters in English from the University of Sydney. In 2015, her postgraduate research into ‘New Traditionalism’ in millennial Australian poetry won the Dame Leonie Prize. Her essays and poetry have been published in AntipodesAxonMeanjinSoutherly, and The Australian Poetry Journal. Tegan is currently the Creative Editor for Alterity Studies and World Literature

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